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DVD: Abyad

Abyad signifies white. White is both the absence and the sum of all colours. White stands for the beginning and the end of life and symbolizes its cyclical course. Life begins with a breath and the tender emotions of waking up. Slowly, we become aware of ourselves and our own movements, apprehending and discovering our surroundings. In time with the beating of the drums, spirals gyrate and slowly take control of the body´s axis. Circling, the bodies follow their course through space. Gradually, the diversity of life spreads out like a fan: the improvisation of the instruments, the singer´s passionate voice, the different qualities of movement of the dancers as they perform their solos or choreographed group pieces, the beat of the percussionist's drums. They all tell of the ups and downs of life with its wide spectrum of colours and sounds. Until finally, everything retreats to silence, to pure white light, to birth and a new beginning.

DVD: Dances of Egypt

This 60-minute DVD gives an intimate view of a variety of Egypt music and dance performances, with glimpses of the countryside, the people and their lifestyles. The performances take place in cities, towns and villages throughout Egypt. This material has been filmed by Aisha Ali between 1971 and 1988. It contains presentations of a wedding procession (Zaffah), a trance ritual (Zar), a combat dance (Tahtib), the Babutiya dance from Port Said and the Ghawazee dance therefore it has an important archival value.

DVD: Shemm en Nassim

Through the choreographic language of Marie al Fajr and the innovative music of Georges Kazazian, the traditional Egyptian aesthetic, with its wealth of movement, rhythm and music, has been developed into a contemporary artistic expression. “Shemm en nassim” takes us back to the days when Egypt was ruled by the life-giving cycles of the Nile. The scent of budding nature inspires images of ancient times and sets the momentum for the choreography. Percussion virtuoso Ibrahim el Minyawi accompanies the choreography and challenges the dancers with improvised rhythms.

CD: Daqat II

The latest release from the Tanz Raum label.

'Ibrahim El Minyawi is a charismatic musician - a heavyweight of percussion masters'

A percussion CD for rhythm enthusiasts, ethnomusiologists, teachers, dancers and world music lovers! With a mesmerizing booklet that contains the story of an outstanding musician plus numerous photos that illustrate a part of Egyptian music and dance history. Ali El Minyawi, Ibrahim’s talented son also features on this c.d. Together they create new variations of century-old traditions without losing sight of their roots. This one rocks out!

CD: Al Masdar

With Rais Mohamed Murad Metqali & Ibrahim el Minyawi and and the famous rababa & mizmar musicians from Upper Egypt.

Al Masdar - The source - Old masters and talented young musicians perform the traditional music of Upper Egypt in all its beauty. A selection of songs, mystical melodies, improvisations and pieces recorded for the first time pay tribute to the authentic sound of the ancient instruments. Along with the CD comes a 24 pages CD booklet with photos and articles in detail on the pieces, the instruments, the musicians, their art and lives.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4, Track 5, Track 6, Track 7, Track 8, Track 9, Track 10

CD: Dinga Dinga

Dinga Dinga with the great baladi singer Ruh el Fuad and her ensemble was captured in Cairo´s foremost sound recording studio with techniques developed specially for this type of music, in June 2005. The voice of Ruh brings us the beauty of Baladi music with a new version of her famous piece Dinga Dinga, mesmerizing mawaweel, and songs from the traditional baladi repertoire of Egypt. Dinga Dinga is a must-have for passionate world music afficionados, dancers, and lovers of Egypt cultural heritage.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4

CD: Saltana

Farouk Mohamed Hassan, Mostafa Sax, Ibrahim el Minyawi and Mamdouh Hashim dedicate this CD to the art of Baladi music. At the beginning of 2004, these outstanding musicians who have been friends for 35 years, reunited in Cairo for an exceptional music session, playing their tradition of "Egyptian Baladi music", or "Egyptian popular jazz", the music they all grew up with. The outstanding improvisations on accordion, saxophone, kawala and tabla, supported in the most exquisite way by the other musicians, are traditional and modern at the same time. 53 mins, 9 tracks featuring traditional repertoire and new compositions.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 5, Track 9

CD: Azraq — Georges Kazazian & Ibrahim El Minyawi

Azraq is a unique meeting of Georges Kazazian, composer and Ud player, and Ibrahim el Minyawi, master of Egyptian percussion. These two artists came together in Cairo to create a suite of duos, remarkable as much for their finesse and the beauty of their playing as for the way in which each piece of music flows almost imperceptibly into the next.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 1, Track 2, Track 4, Track 6, Track 7

CD: Monaga — Georges Kazazian

The composer and 'Ud Player Georges Kazazian presents his new composition of Egyptian Classical Music. In this CD he approaches the classical repertoire in a completely novel way, at one and the same time traditional, modern and original.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4

CD: Daqat il Qalb — Ibrahim El Minyawi & Son

The Egyptian master percussionist Ibrahim El Minyawi presents mesmerizing improvisations and variations on traditional Egyptian rythms. In his fine playing he develops his music from the simple to the complex, from the traditional to the innovative, in a never ending source of inspiration. Ibrahim El Minyawi reaches a level of perfection and virtuosity on the Egyptian Tablah never recorded before.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 1, Track 2, Track 4, Track 6, Track 7

CD: Music of the Ghawazee

Recorded in Upper Egypt, this music includes four dances by the Abu Kherage mizmar band playing for a group of Ghawazee known as the Banat Maazin, a cane dance accompanied by salameya, tar and tabla, and rabab music played by the Metqal ensemble. Recorded by Aisha Ali.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 1, Track 4

CD: Music of the Fellahin

Recorded in Upper and Lower Egypt, this music presents a variety of Ghawazee dance songs as well as purely instrumental dance music. Included are the Rais Qinawi mizmar band playing for the Banat Maazin, a Bedouin version of the popular song Khudni Ma'ek with nay, darbouka and riqq, and Saidi mizmar music. Recorded by Aisha Ali.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 3, Track 7, Track 8

CD: 40 Rhythms from the Middle-East

This CD presents 40 rhythms from the Middle East, played by the master percussionist Adel Shams el Din, who is particularly skilled in playing the riqq. The music takes you on a mesmerising trip through the Arab world and on a journey in time through the diverse and complex traditional rhythms, whether in folk or art music. The CD includes a booklet with the notation of the rhythmic cycles and their explanations.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 1, Track 3, Track 4, Track 6, Track 10

CD: Spirit Of The Heart

A unique live recording of the famous Baladi Singer Ruh el Fuad (meaning: spirit of the heart) who is one of the rare female Baladi vocalists. She sings a strong emotive mawwaal, leading into a sweet Baladi song and finally moving on to the epic song of the Moulid. The excellent musicians Tawfik Dawoud, Mohamad Sabry and Kamel Sheiha come from the original school of Baladi. The works include an exciting Ashra Baladi and other traditional Baladi songs. Another jewel on this CD is a unique improvisation on Arghul (ancient double reed flute) played by the master musicians Mustafa Abdelaziz and Ibrahim el Minyawi.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 2, Track 3, Track 6, Track 7, Track 10

CD: Jewels

A live recording of selected pieces of the highest quality art music written for the great singer Um Kulthoum, as well as the best pieces of Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Farid El Altrache. The classical music of this CD is aranged for the dance and also contains one of the most beautiful baladi sections by Sheik Taha and an exciting solo tablah by Ibrahim el Minyawi.

Sound Samples (MP3)

Track 2, Track 4, Track 5, Track 6, Track 10

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