You will love the yogic/meditative component, and the benefits from this dance training program must be experienced to be believed.

At introductory/beginners level it is accessible to all ages and fitness levels. Past dance experience is not a prerequisite for attendance, nor is it necessary for you to be ‘dance-fit’ - this will come in time!

Although an attraction to Egyptian music and culture might be considered a prerequisite, it is not essential — as your skills develop so too will your cultural interest.

You will be in a supportive environment with other beginner students.
The essentials to improvement are an open mind and desire to explore without pre-conceived ideas or reference to past experience.

A Typical Beginners Class May Include

  • Warm-up and cool down incorporating stretching/strengthening exercises
  • Bodywork incorporating the Physical Fluidity Training Program©
  • Posture and alignment check
  • Breathing techniques for integration of mind, body and breath
  • The concepts of Egyptian dance movement and expression
  • Defining authenticity and artistry
  • Historical/musical/cultural knowledge on dance and appropriate costuming
  • Challenge, fun, rhythm, music and fitness training!

What to bring

Yoga mat or towel, water, and attire appropriate for yoga.

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To register your interest and receive details regarding classes and other up coming events, please send an email with your full name, phone and address details to [email protected].