Introductory Course

The Five Week Introductory Course is a rare opportunity to experience Egyptian Elementals Dance and Movement© - at foundation level with other beginner students.

The class will commence with a warm-up incorporating a variety of training exercises. Each week a new concept will be introduced whilst we work on the two elemental dance movement principles. The class will conclude with stretches.

At introductory level the focus is on developing an understanding of your body and acquiring the skills and knowledge with which to improve posture, strength and flexibility.

Incorporated into the classes and workshops is The Meditation In Movement - Dance The Difference© training program, which has been created specifically to assist in the development of the tenets integral to the form.

A Typical Beginners Class May Include

  • Warm-up and cool down incorporating stretching/strengthening exercises
  • Bodywork incorporating the Physical Fluidity Training Program©
  • Meditation In Movement - Dance The Difference!© principles
  • Posture and alignment check
  • Breathing techniques for integration of mind, body and breath
  • The concepts of Egyptian dance movement and expression
  • Defining authenticity and artistry
  • Historical/musical/cultural knowledge on dance and appropriate costuming
  • Challenge, fun, rhythm, music and fitness training!
Bronze statue - Bastet 7-12th century BC

What to bring… Yoga mat or towel, water, and attire appropriate for yoga.

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