About Tanz Raum

Tanz Raum an independent music production label specializing in quality Egyptian music featuring artists such as: Mustafa Sax, Georges Kazazian, Ibrahim el Minyawi, Ruh el Fuad, Mustafa Abdel Aziz, Farouq Mohammed Hassan, Mohammed Murad Metqali. These and many more famous Egyptian musicians, singers and composers have collaborated with Tanz Raum on numerous CD recordings. These recordings, mainly made in Cairo, aim to preserve or innovate. Nowadays there is an urgent need to safeguard songs, melodies and particular musical genres - traditionally passed on orally from generation to generation - which are in danger of being lost for a multitude of social and political reasons.

It is hoped that with these recordings the musical traditions of Egypt will be preserved and attract new audiences beyond their cultural roots. The innovative music brings together the modern, the conservative, the oriental and the occidental.

This superb and diverse collection of popular and classical music is gradually being discovered and appreciated. See below for artist CV’s and C.D. / D.V.D stock list:

It is pure enthusiasm for Egypt is what makes us record music from this country.

We believe that there are many others who share our excitement and would like to help to preserve a rich and beautiful part of the world cultural heritage. Thank you for supporting the artists by buying our CDs and DVDs. We hope you enjoy listening and watching them as much as we enjoy making them!

Ibrahim el Minyawi and Caroline Chevat are the key people who make possible the numerous Tanz Raum Productions:

Tanz Raum Label: Caroline Chevat, Ibrahim El Minyawi, Claudia Heinle...

Caroline Chevat

Caroline has loved dance and music since her early youth. Since completing her studies in landscape engineering and geography at the universities of Lyon, Annecy, Mannheim and Constance, she has dedicated herself to music, dance and photography.

Since 1996, she has trained with Claudia Heinle at the tanz raum and has gained further experience through international workshops with Marie al Fajr and S. Hilal. Caroline dances with the Company of Claudia Heinle and teaches in the tanz raum.

She is an accomplished student of the tablah under Ibrahim el Minyawi since 1995. The beauty and sophistication of Egyptian music inspired her to produce her first CD with Ibrahim, and today she is traveling regularly to Egypt to bring together skilled musicians, and record and produce the traditional repertoire as well as innovative, high-quality music. Through the structure of the tanz raum she is producing, editing and distributing CDs worldwide and makes an invaluable contribution to the preservation of a rich musical heritage in danger of dying out.

Ibrahim el Minyawi

Ibrahim el Minyawi is one of the best tablah players in Egypt, and embodies tremendous talent and outstanding percussion technique.

He lives in London and Cairo and has played solo and with other musicians and dancers, in particular S. Hilal, in the best venues to enthusiastic audiences worldwide for over 40 years. His concerts and workshops help keep alive a music genre whose identity is in danger of being lost.

Ibrahim works closely with the tanz raum in teaching, music research, recordings and creating new stage productions. As one of the rare musicians still belonging to the original “school” of baladi, Ibrahim is one of the key people making possible the numerous Tanz Raum music productions. Despite the commercial climate the musicians in Egypt are working in today, Ibrahim has succeeded in bringing to life authentic Baladi music.

His knowledge of the tradition and his sensibility as a musician has contributed greatly to the development of the dance technique we are teaching today (traditional and modern), and continues to promote a better understanding of the essence of movement in Egyptian tradition. His CD Daqat il Qualb is a masterpiece of solo Egyptian tablah.

Claudia Heinle

As she was studying politics and management at the universities of Constance, Copenhagen and Jerusalem, Claudia developed a special interest in Middle Eastern culture and discovered her passion for Egyptian dance.

In 1992 she met the choreographer S. Hilal with who she trained 12 years to become a fully qualified dancer and teacher. During those years, as she became the manager of S. Hilal, she produced two major stage programmes, touring all over Europe with the dance company and the musicians. She has collaborated actively in establishing a unique esthetique rooted in the authenticity of Egypt´s rich dance and music culture. Under the label of Hilal Art she has produced numerous CDs and dance videos.

Simultaneously, she set up the dance school tanz raum that today has developed into an international platform and label for dance music and culture of Egypt. She continously nourishes herself in order to further develop her dance, teaching and creative projects with visits to Egypts, and through the collaboration with Marie al Fajr in numerous projects and as part of her dance company. She regularly trains qi gong, yoga and other forms of bodywork, and is currently undergoing training with the Chinese doctor Wu Runjin.

She is known for her spontaneous and professional manner, loves working with students, and teaches at an international level. Claudia´s dance productions, which include Aluaan, Voices from Egypt and Abyad, are characterized by her personal style and passionate commitment. They have been performed in Germany, Switzerland and in France.