Health & Fitness Benefits

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.Epictetus — Greek philosopher
Contemporary Egyptian Dance

Imagine if all you
had ever desired
for yourself could be
delivered in one
exquisite package?

  • for health/fitness, we visit gyms, play sport, run, walk, practise yoga etc.
  • for the spirit, specialist centres offer to rebalance, relax, release, detox, meditation.
  • for the soul, we visit a gallery, the theatre, or immerse ourselves in nature.
  • for vitality and physical prowess, we’ll try a funk/hip-hop class or perhaps martial arts.
  • for the mind, there are endless lists of short courses, diplomas, seminars, literature, and - increasingly - the internet.
  • for culture, performing/visual arts, world movies, museums, travel, books, and festivals beckon.

Fitness, vitality, spirit, soul, intellect and culture — each represents an important element of our continued development and well-being — but with the pressures of today’s world, how many of us possess the requisite energy, time and money to nurture and maintain all of the above?

Egyptian Elementals Dance and Movement encompasses all of the above and delivers to you:
  • the fitness of the gym;
  • the flexibility, breath practice and discipline of yoga;
  • the strength, agility and focus of martial arts;
  • the artistry, excitement and rhythms of a disciplined dance art form;
  • and the spirit, wisdom and history of an ancient culture;
  • … but above all it will open you to your being.
He… Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakesCarl Jung — 1875-1961

Recent Research

Biomechanists and functional anatomists have reached some surprising conclusions in reference to the efficacy and safety of traditional training techniques. Particularly in reference to isolated movements and sagittal plane focus frequently used in gyms. Below are the 5 key elements identified as being essential in developing functional movement:

  • Movement should be Tri-planar
  • It should be integrated
  • It requires proper gravity-orientation (i.e. mostly upright!)
  • It should be propriceptively enriched
  • It should produce dynamic stabilization

The Egyptian Elementals Physical Fluidity program addresses each of the above points, working through the three planes of movement and assisting in the development of full physical integration, centeredness and balance.

The Beauty in Being Barefoot - by Juliet Le Page

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