Meditation In Movement - Dance The Difference!

If we seek the real source of the dance, if we go to nature, we find that the dance of the future is the dance of the past, the dance of eternity, and has been and will always be the same Isadora Duncan

Egyptian Elementals DANCE AND MOVEMENT is a new and exciting holistic training program which allows people of all ages and fitness levels to realise the exemplary health and fitness benefits of Egyptian Dance, whilst simultaneously exploring the more reflective, life enhancing elements of these ancient movement systems. Most importantly, this is achieved without compromise to the integrity of the cultural art form.

Some of the qualities that are developed in the training process are strength, fluidity, grace, centeredness, and power. Over time these essential qualities are seamlessly integrated with the breath, body, mind and spirit - a great foil for today’s fragmented and chaotic world.

These elements will progress in harmony with historical background, cultural understanding and musical appreciation.

The training program incorporates

  • Egyptian Elementals Principles of Dance Form
  • Egyptian Elementals Foundation Bodywork
  • Egyptian Elementals Movement Systems
  • Egyptian Elementals Dynamic Expression
  • Egyptian Elementals Artistry

Here are a just a few of the things others have experienced from attending classes on a regular basis:

Enhanced - Power, Strength, Stability, Centeredness, Fluidity, Vitality, Confidence and a new improved posture - plus a new and vibrant perspective on life and an awakened physical awareness regardless of age or past experience.

Oh, and not to mention an exquisitely elegant and timeless dance form worthy of you!

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now.Goethe

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To enrol please print and fill out the enrolment form (PDF), or if you do not have a printer email [email protected] for a form to be sent directly to you in the mail.